Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Religious discrimination!

There is no prohibition on a Catholic or a Jew becoming Prime Minister, but, as matters stand, it could create constitutional complications.   These relate to the Prime Minister’s role in advising the monarch on senior appointments in the Church of England.   The Catholic Relief Act of 1829, section 17, asserts that no Catholic can offer counsel to the monarch on ecclesiastical matters.   A provision in the Jews Relief Act of 1858, section 4, places the same restriction on followers of that faith.   But there is no prohibition in law for those of the world’s other major faiths, let alone individuals that have opted for some of the more obscure religions or bizarre cults.   It is perhaps significant to note that Tony Blair converted to Roman Catholicism after he ceased to be Prime Minister.
                There is no doubt that Prime Minister Tony Blair deferred his conversion to Roman Catholicism until he ceased to be Prime Minister because of the complications that were involved.
The provisions in the Catholic Relief Act of 1829 and the Jews Relief Act of 1858 preventing Catholics and Jews from advising the monarch on ecclesiastical matters should be repealed.
                As Cardinal Newman said “There are no religions in heaven”.

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