Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Party democracy - One member One Vote.

For political parties to play their role in the chain of command they need to be membership organisations that are under the control of and answerable to their members.   In this respect political parties in Britain (and elsewhere) are in decline.   This comes from the drift into mega-expensive politics and the then unavoidable transgression of moneyed power into the domain of democratic politics.   This is fuelled by donations to parties and campaigns from moneyed persons, businesses and organisations.   That should simply be put a stop to.   It would improve democracy if political budgets were cut and members given power in parties.  S. Ringen "The Liberal Vision."

                                Both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party should reform themselves to become democratic bodies answerable to their membership so that the members can change the Constitution of their Party on the basis of One Member One Vote.