Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ballot on the Monarchy

               The Monarchy has many advantages.   It stops a career politician fulfilling the role of Head of State, although if the powers under the Royal prerogative were given to the House of Commons there would be little advantage to the politician.   There is always the danger of slipping towards a dictatorship as we saw with Cromwell.
                The monarchy is a unifying force, and in the case of a long serving Monarch builds up great experience.   Nevertheless the Monarch is the servant of the people and to ask for the endorsement of the people at the beginning of a reign would reinforce the Monarchy.   It is not too much to ask.
Such an approach would give legitimacy to the monarchy, thus strengthening it.
Within one month of the monarch’s death a ballot should be held of all the people to endorse the successor.   Should such endorsement not be given a ballot should be held on the successor’s eldest child becoming monarch.   Should endorsement once again not be forthcoming the monarchy would be abolished.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Defender of Faiths

The monarch is the Head of the Church of England and under the Act of Settlement has to be a Protestant.   This is religious discrimination writ large.   In a democracy it has no place.   The monarch’s eldest male heir succeeds to the throne.   This is sexual discrimination and in a democracy should have no place.
    The monarch should be the “Defender of faiths
                This course of action is favoured by the Prince of Wales.