Friday, January 18, 2013

State Funding - more points

In his book The Liberal Vision S. Ringen says

"Mega-expensive politics comes with very considerable benefits for a powerful coalition of actors.   It is to the benefit of people who have money to spend because it gives them the opportunity to buy political influence and glamour.   It is to the benefit of parties and politicians who are able to attract money because it eliminates the competition of those whom moneyed interests see as less worthy investments.   This benefit is tilted heavily in favour of the established parties and serving politicians, who are the ones who would have to take action against transgression.   And it is to the benefit of those who finally earn the money: advertisers, pollsters, advisors, consultants, professional fundraisers, influence peddlers and so on.   It will take a great deal to break this coalition". 

There should be a limit on the amount that a government can spend on political advisers.   An equivalent sum to their costs should be given to the opposition Parties.   This should replace the “Short” funding.   These monies should be properly accounted for. 
                      The “free” post at parliamentary elections should be abolished.
          Party Political Broadcasts (PPBs) should be abolished.
         The maximum amount that any Party can spend on a General Election should be capped at
         £15 million.