Friday, March 8, 2013

Defender of Faiths

The monarch is the Head of the Church of England and under the Act of Settlement has to be a Protestant.   This is religious discrimination writ large.   In a democracy it has no place.   The monarch’s eldest male heir succeeds to the throne.   This is sexual discrimination and in a democracy should have no place.
    The monarch should be the “Defender of faiths
                This course of action is favoured by the Prince of Wales.   


  1. Legislation is being done so that the first born will always succeed in future.

  2. It's all very politically correct but has a logical flaw. You either defend a faith or you do not. It is a bit like calling yourself defender of babies. Even if it were practical, what would you do if one attacked the other?

    Also, why is the Church of England or primogeniture inconsistent with democracy, any more that the monarchy itself? By arguing for extreme democracy, without any balancing institutions and being careless of our history, you undermine both monarchy and democracy. It is a shame because we really do need more democracy in the Conservative Party and in the country, but unpicking the monarchy really isn't the place to start and many people who would love to support you therefore won't.