Thursday, November 15, 2012

Party Democracy

The Conservative Party needs a constitution, which would make those that run the Party democratically accountable to the membership.   The officers of the Party would be elected and those elected officers would control Conservative Central Office.   Members of the Party feel that they should have a say in the way in which the Party works.   Until this happens the Party will continue to decline.
The Labour Party also needs to become genuinely democratic.   It cannot be right that a National Political party should be so dependent on the vested interests of a particular group – the Trade Unions.
The Unions continue effectively to govern the Labour Party or more accurately the Trade Union bosses continue to run the Labour Party.
All political Parties should have elected Chairman and Treasurer answerable to their membership.
All political Parties should have an Annual General Meeting to which their members are invited and entitled to vote at which the Parties accounts are presented and voted upon and the officers of the Party are elected.

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