Tuesday, November 15, 2011

UK citizens for UK parliamentary elections

In a national parliament it is the people of the nation that should determine how they are governed.   Why then do we allow citizens of another nation to participate in our General Elections?   Citizens of the Irish Republic, who are resident in the United Kingdom and over the age of 18, are eligible to vote.
It is one of the extraordinary anomalies of democracy in the United Kingdom that the citizens of a foreign country that have no allegiance to the United Kingdom are allowed to vote in an election for the United Kingdom Parliament and in so doing determine who should govern us.
According to the census of 2001 there are 412,000 Irish nationals living in the United Kingdom.   We do not know how many of these register and vote but small numbers can swing seats.   They are not evenly spread throughout the United Kingdom.   Large numbers are to be found in Liverpool, Glasgow and in certain Boroughs of London such as Kilburn.

Only United Kingdom citizens should be allowed to vote in United Kingdom parliamentary elections.

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